New looks: Another Hybrid Theory


New looks: Another Hybrid Theory

June 18, 2008

ADAMS has upgraded its forged cavity-back irons with the Idea Pro Gold, which supplements six irons forged from 8620 carbon steel with two compact hybrids with a maraging steel face / $800,

CALLAWAY combines iron-like hybrids with wide-sole irons in the FT i-brid set. The entire set features a titanium face and a heavier-than-stainless-steel alloy to improve perimeter weighting / $1,500,

LYNX 2008 HXI hybrid iron set extends its line to the 6-iron (31 degrees) and completes the set with hollow-body irons in the 7-iron through pitching wedge. / $500,

NICKENT's 3DX RC irons have varied sole widths (wider on long irons) and strong lofts (6-iron: 29 degrees), with 3DX RC hybrids. Both use tungsten-polymer weight chips for perimeter weighting / $400,

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