We love it when a tour player comes up to us and says, "Hey, you're working with so-and-so. I saw him on the range doing this," and he mimics a backswing with the spine tilting way left. We love it because that's exactly what a good backswing should feel like.The swing we teach looks different because the body never moves off the ball–we call it the Stack & Tilt Swing. Keeping your weight on your front foot is the simplest way to control where the club hits the ground, which is the first fundamental of hitting the ball. Golfers who shift to the right on the backswing have to make precisely the same shift back to the left by impact. That complicated maneuver is the biggest source of frustration in the game today.Let's go through our swing with Aaron, who has been stacked since last year. We isolate a feel at each position, then compare our swing to the conventional method. You'll see why Stack & Tilt is right for you.