Sneak Peek: Masters Style Preview


Sneak Peek: Masters Style Preview

April 03, 2013

Rickie Fowler (PUMA)

Just what the doctor ordered. A serious style statement. And who better? Fowler continues to carry the torch for energetic, upbeat color and style.

Tiger Woods (Nike)

Conservative and predictable. The tonal outfits for Thursday and Saturday are good looks on Tiger, but lack any pop or zip. Tiger's presence and body language helps sell whatever outfit he's wearing, and the lack of contrast has the benefit of making him look taller and more dynamic. I like Friday, because at least he's using yellow, which adds a little spice to the outfit. No surprise that Tiger will wear red on Sunday.

Rory McIlroy (Nike)

Here's a perfect example of why I think Nike should decide on a signature look for Rory and stick to it. Changing everything every day to me is confusing. There's nothing in principal that is wrong with any of the outfits, it's all going to look trim and stylish, but there's no overriding theme. Different shoes, hats, color palettes. Rory deserves his own unique look. Perhaps the Omega watch will help define his style.

Thorbjorn Olesen (Nike)

While America has yet to truly recognize Thorbjorn yet, based on the way he's putting outfits together with these bright vibrant colors, he will certainly be noticed at Augusta. My bet is he's an outgoing, enthusiastic, fun guy.

Keegan Bradley (Tommy Hilfiger)

Bold, bright and youthful. With the clean crisp colors, and excellent contrast, Keegan secures his place on the style leader board.

Keegan Bradley (Tommy Hilfiger)

The Hilfiger people have made a topnotch presentation. I'm a little troubled by that white belt when Keegan wears dark tops and bottoms, as it calls too much attention to his waist. But let's not get overly technical.

Nick Watney (Nike)

It's refreshing that someone's taken the leap and selected a bold patterned trouser for at least one of the days. That Sunday shirt looks a bit like a TV test pattern. You have to wonder how would it look with the green jacket?

Carl Petterson (Nike)

Clearly these are not forms identical to Carl's physique. To me, it makes little difference what he selects, because with that effervescent personality, in my book, he can get away with almost anything. Now, his caddie Grant is the one we have to focus on, but fortunately he'll be wearing all white this week.

Francisco Molinari (Nike)

Each day has one strong element with some serious pop. High marks! Will look great on him and on television. P.S. -- Very interesting pattern for Saturday.

Luke Donald (Ralph Lauren RLX)

They don't look good from the sketches. They look great from the sketches! These outfits look so cool, I want to go out and buy them tomorrow. The Ralph Lauren RLX people understand that Luke is going to be on TV a lot, and they've made very good use of impactful pattern and color to compliment his upbeat style. Well done!

Player To Be Named (Ashworth)

55 miles an hour, middle of the highway, lights on for safety; this wardrobe is extremely conservative and extremely boring. And please don't get me started on the black belt, because I doubt the players wearing these outfits will have the same waist line as the bust form.

John Senden (Greg Norman)

Can I leave a wake up call, because this stuff is getting pretty boring. Interesting strategy to keep Senden in dark trousers with lighter tops. He's a big powerful guy who quietly goes about his business, so his clothing is perfectly in sync with his solid game. He's someone that's going to surprise someone very soon. Wouldn't it be great for Australia if he won wearing Greg Norman apparel?

Robert Garrigus (Greg Norman)

Based on how far he hits the ball, I'm surprised we don't see the Hunter Orange in one of these outfits. As expected, these designs are both classic and modern, and I think the lighter tops on Thursday and Friday make Garrigus look more dynamic.

Ian Poulter (IJP Design)

If you're having a little bit of trouble coordinating all of these images, you're not alone. It takes someone of Poulter's style and stature to be able to fine tune these diverse combinations.

Ian Poulter (IJP Design)

Take note: If you're going to use pattern, use it carefully. Just the way Ian's done here. In each outfit there's one patterned element. Smart. Keeps each look very focused.

Hunter Mahan (Under Armour)

Under Armour is now a legitimate force in golf apparel and the Coldblack technology, which Hunter is a big fan of, not only keeps one cooler in the sun, but also gives off a very strong, modern look. Hunter is this year's winner of the sleekest outfit award.

Graeme McDowell (G-Mac by Kartel)

The elder statesman of Style, G-Mac really knows hot to put together patterns, interesting colors, and details and make it all look great. Isn't that cardigan cool? Of course, for the elder statesman it's a natural. And don't you like the use of Nona Blue?

Brandt Snedeker (Peter Millar)

Looks great with some bold color. Whatever Sneds wears from this brand will be in good taste. Take that to the bank.

Bill Haas (Peter Millar)

I think it's great to see Haas with some color and with some flat fronts. It looks like he's developing his own look and defining his own style.

Bubba Watson (Oakley)

Are those hover-mannequins that he's standing in front of? This is one of the best groups of four different looks because they've kept to a good theme, red and black, grey and white. Simple, straightforward, with a dash of pop. The graphic shirts with stripes, to me, are a good match with his personality. A bit surprising, and a bit bold.

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