Bubba Speak


Bubba Speak

April 15, 2012

ON GOLF AND HIS GAME"I've never had a lesson. I've learned it all myself. My Dad taught me the basic swing, the basic grip at 6 years old, and then I've learned it from there.""We've coined the phrase Bubba Golf, because it's just fun. I love the game of golf. I love goofin' around. I love shaping shots. I'm having a blast out there.""Golf is boring.""I'd love to be No. 1 in the world. I'm trying every day to be the best golfer who ever walked this planet.""I am not a very good putter.""It's about hitting the ball in the center of the club face and hitting it hard."

THE SHOT"I've always said if I have a swing, I have a shot.""Hooked it about 40 yards, hit about 15 yards off the ground until it got under the tree and then started rising. Pretty easy ... I know how to get out of the trees pretty good."

THE MENU FOR NEXT YEAR'S CHAMPIONS DINNER AT THE MASTERS"I have it narrowed down to three: Waffle House, Chipotle, Lexington Barbecue or In-N-Out."

CHARITY@bubbawatson: "The all-white outfit with pink accents -- we sold 100 outfits, and every dollar went to charity."@bubbawatson: "Your tweets have been heard! The PINK driver is now available !! % of PING proceeds go towards charity. Info here"

GENERAL LEE@bubbawatson: "My car is #AWESOME at jumping & y'alls is not! #truestory "

PERSPECTIVE"I never got this far in my dreams, so I can't really say it's a dream come true.""There's a lot better things in life than just golf.""About four years ago, I was pretty bad, just getting down on myself. Not really showing a lot of anger, but getting down on myself. My caddie saw it. My caddie told me he was going to quit me if I didn't change. So I changed, and four wins later, we're still together."@bubbawatson: "Thanks again for all the support to my twitter Friends!! Amazing to see/hear all the love I have from people around the world! #muchlove"

THE UNKNOWN"That's the best part about history -- we don't know what's going to happen. We don't know the future. We don't know anything."

HIS NEXT CHALLENGE@bubbawatson: "Hey @BarackObama when we playing a game of Bball at your home court?? #WhiteHouse"

PIERS MORGAN@bubbawatson: "Who are you? -- RT @piersmorgan: Hope you've got your putting game on today @bubbawatson -- because I'm taking you down."

TO PIERS MORGAN, ON AUGUSTA NATIONAL ACCEPTING A FEMALE MEMBER"This day and age, I don't see any reason why it could hurt, but again, it's a club that has rules that can do that. There's rules made up and laws made up that we can't do certain things. It took a lot of security codes to get in here, to get to this room. What are y'all protecting? It's something for your own organization to figure out. Y'all obviously didn't want Bubba come in here right away. I went through a lot of security. There's a lot of big men out there watching me."

AFTER MORGAN'S RANT ON AUGUSTA BEING IN THE "DARK AGES.""I know who's not going to be a member -- You."

BUBBA ON BUBBADavid Letterman: "How would you describe your personal style of play; your personal approach to golf?"Bubba: "Awesome.""I just play golf, fun-loving Bubba, just try to have fun and goof around.""I haven't changed who I am, who my character is or what I do on and off the golf course. I'm Bubba, for me it's just natural."Looking at Charl Schwartzel after being presented the green jacket: "I look like you now.""I'm Bubba, Masters champion, that's how my hair looks."

FAMILY"My dad taught me everything I know," Watson says. "It's not very much, but that's all I know.""(My wife) does amazing things to make the person I am, the golfer that I am. She makes it all gel. My craziness, my A.D.D., as you call it, is everywhere. And she completes me. She makes it all work. She's my best friend.@bubbawatson: "Finally home! Crazy day. I keep checking it wasn't a dream. I have 'The Green Jacket.' #awesome"@bubbawatson: "Changed my 1st 2 diapers today!! #MastersChamp"@bubbawatson: "On a walk with my boy!! It's like Bubba Golf- #awesome "

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