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Jim Herity

Golf equipment
Vision Quest

Will seeing better help you score better? These new designs make the case

Golf Equipment: New Looks
Weird Science

A new mix of materials and methods could lead to big possibilities for innovation

Equipment | Bomb & Gouge
Golf's $6 Billion Problem
New Math At Players

Looking to increase their chances, some pros decreased their use of drivers at TPC Sawgrass

Still Holding Out?

Transitions survey underscores elite pros' happiness with hybrids. The benefits are considerable

Obsolete List
Fairway Woods

When you are loyal to a fault

Obsolete List

Hybrids make the big leap

Obsolete List

Your most out-of-date club of all

Obsolete List

Breaking up is hard to do

It's Not Cheating

Lost in the Ping Eye 2 furor is the simple fact that pros using those clubs are playing by the rules

10 Equipment Resolutions For '10

Our chief implements geek says it's often the little things that lead to improvement. Here are his 10 must-try ideas that could make 2010 your best season ever

Winter Brings Change

Geoff Ogilvy, Ryan headline a short list of tour pros signing new club deals during the off-season

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