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STREAKER ALERT: Fan runs onto 16 green, jukes security guard into another dimension, jumps into pond on 17

February 10, 2023

SCOTTSDALE — We do not want to encourage or endorse bad fan behavior, even at the WM Phoenix Open. But man, there is something that hits so different about a real-deal streaker.

The last time someone truly streaked—and we mean TRULY streaked—at TPC Scottsdale was in 2018, and the video is so NSFW we have to just link to it rather than post it here. Since then, the fans have kept it PG-13 at the People's Open. That was until Friday afternoon.

At the par-3 16th, with a ball already safely on the green, one fan came out, thankfully in a speedo and not fully nude, and began pole-dancing with the flag stick. That is a real sentence. After a quick dance, he made a bee line for the tunnel to the 17th tee, juking a security guard like Barry Sanders in his prime on the way there:

Another angle:

You may have noticed that there is a ball on the green. Someone in the group back at the tee, featuring Matt Kuchar, J.B. Holmes and Stewart Cink, must have safely found the putting surface before this madness enused. Not the most ideal stoppage of play. 

You'd think that by the time the streaker reached the tunnel to the 17th there'd be a few cops awaiting with handcuffs. Perhaps a surrender of sorts. Not quite. Not only did he make it through the tunnel, this streaker galloped all the way down the 17th fairway, finishing off his sprint with a dive into the pond left of the 17th green:

So much for Scottsdale PD's attempt to remind drunken idiots NOT to jump in the chemical-filled waters this week. It would appear those pleas fell on deaf ears. 

After the quick dip, the man apparently surrendered:

That's not going to be a comfortable night in the clink. Reminder: It's only Friday afternoon. Second reminder: Drunken idiots love to copy each other being drunken idiots. We'd imagine security will be heightened to avoid a repeat of this situation on the weekend.