Gotta Own It

You can't have a better response to missing a two-footer at the WM Phoenix Open’s 16th hole than this tour pro

February 13, 2023

Another weekend of debauchery at the WM Phoenix Open has come and gone, and while Rickie Fowler graced the ravenous galleries with an ace, there were no ones at the tournament’s infamous 16th hole in 2023. That's not to say there weren't a few close calls, however. Tony Finau cozied one up during his opening round before Hayden Buckley buzzed the tower with this strike on Sunday.

A thing of beauty. The only problem? What came next was downright hideous.

Per tradition, the boos came raining down like the confetti at State Farm Stadium on Sunday, but Buckley took it in stride, delivering this hilarious self-own on Twitter after his round.

Some guys would just take the money and run, but not Buckley. He owns up to it all, good, bad, and ugly. You won’t hear us cheering that putt anytime soon, but we do applaud the honesty.