124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

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Who wants to watch 7’5” Tacko Fall swing a golf club?

August 11, 2020

Saying that Tacko Fall is a large man is like calling Andre the Giant husky. It’s an understatement wrapped in a downplay served with a heaping side of decontextualization. He’s 7’5” tall. His wingspan is 8’4”. He makes fellow NBA pros look like Frodo Baggins and once landed in concussion protocol after hitting his head on the ceiling. He may not be a mountain of a man—more of a tower, really—but one thing is certain: He is somewhat awkwardly proportioned for the game of golf. Like many NBA players currently battling NBA bubble boredom, however, that hasn’t stopped him from giving it the ol' UCF try.

Honestly? Not half bad. Everyone loves a stinger and Tacko pipes this one straight down the fairway, which is more than a lot of us can say. The one-hand follow-through is the international golf symbol for “oh sh*t,” but the reaction doesn’t do the shot justice as it runs up nicely to the front of the green. The fact Fall isn’t topping every single ball straight into the core of the earth is a testament to both his move at the top (despite there's the heel lift and left elbow angle) and the work of one very talented Orlando-area club fitter. Here’s another clip from a weeks ago if you want to see it again . . .

It’s no Big Easy beauty, but there’s something to be said for consistency.

In the end, it’s good to see Fall, who is a full 20 INCHES TALLER than 2020 PGA Championship whiz kid Collin Morikawa, getting some hacks in regardless of whether or not he’s built like a prototypical modern golfer (panzer tank up above the waste, Mazda Miata below it.) Now we just need to get Boban on the range and we can all die happy.