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Tacko Fall in concussion protocol after smacking head on ceiling/low-flying aircraft

October 24, 2019

Brian Babineau

In case you missed the breaking news bulletin, Celtics rookie center Tacko Fall is a very large human being. At 7' 6", 311 pounds with a wing span of 8' 4", Fall is the largest player to enter the Association since Yao Ming, and has enjoyed his fair share of viral moments because of it. Dwarfing Tracy Wolfson is one thing, but doing it to your very own professional basketball teammate is another thing entirely...

Unfortunately for Fall, his latest 15 minutes of fame came after sustaining a concussion in a collision with A FREAKING CEILING, causing him to miss the Celtics opening game of the season on Wednesday night. Not a door jamb, not a low-hanging light fixture, not the top his locker. A ceiling. Take a moment to stop and look up. You see that expanse of solid material looming above you? That's a ceiling. You couldn't touch it with a step ladder and four-inch stilettos (what you do in your home, is your business). It's also what Tacko Fall nearly knocked himself out on.

According to MassLive, the incident occurred on Tuesday, when Fall stood up after washing his hands at the practice facility, and got his bell rung by a low ceiling. Fall continued about his day, participating in a swim lesson event at the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club before returning to the practice facility for more work, but when he woke up Wednesday morning, he felt ill and was eventually diagnosed with a concussion. If you think Zion is already injury prone, he has nothing on Fall, who just got taken out by an inanimate object.

Fall has the potential to be a big X factor for the Celtics this season, so they'd be wise to protect their undrafted viral star from potential hazards like highway overpasses, arena scoreboards, tunnel openings, weather satellites, scaffolding, drones, migrating goose flocks, and, of course, ceilings. Until then, we hope Fall puts his head down (literally, in this case) and get back to work.