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The height difference between Tacko Fall and fellow Celtics rookie will scramble your brain like an egg

Thanks to the so-called "Bagel Boss," it's been a big week here on the internet for discussions of height and its impact on psychological well-being/worldview/breakfast access. Not content to let the diminutive rage monster have all the fun, however, the Boston Celtics officially stepped into the conversation on Friday thanks to this absolutely incredible photo of rookies Carsen Edwards and Tacko Fall running next to each other during an NBA Summer League game. It's hard enough to believe these guys are the same species, let alone play the same sport.

Now it's no secret that Tacko Fall is an absolute unit. During the NCAA Tournament, he also went viral for just standing next to Tracy Wolfson. But Wolfson is a sideline reporter. Edwards, who also had a memorable March, is a peer, clocking in at a perfectly respectable 6' 1", making all of this even harder to comprehend.

Fall, meanwhile, is listed at 7' 6", the same as NBA legend Yao Ming, who also has a long, proud history of dwarfing fellow human beings...


Needless to say, if someone can get Fall and Bagel Boss in the same room, the internet as we know it might quite literally implode. $100 bucks if you can make that happen, America. We could use a day or two off, to be honest.