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These Tacko Fall high school highlights are as funny as you might imagine

May 28, 2020

At seven-foot-five, Tacko Fall had quickly become a fan favorite in Boston—and an effective role player for the Celtics—before the NBA season was paused by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. He played a much larger role during his four seasons at UCF, but before that? Well, he was just larger than life.

Not surprisingly, Tacko was quite the handful in high school. In addition to being an unfair force on the offensive end, Fall was quite the rim protector on defense.

My high school team had no shot guarding anyone over six-foot-five. I can't imagine the chaos if we'd faced someone a foot taller. Anyway, check out these hilarious highlights of him absolutely dominating his competition.

The best part—other than Tacko swatting shots into the rafters—is the jump ball in which an opponent doesn't even think about jumping. Why waste the effort?

There are men playing amongst boys, and then there is Tacko Fall playing varsity basketball. That's it. That's the post.