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Watch Jon Rahm get a standing ovation for . . . using a porta-potty

February 13, 2023

You're probably tired of hearing about the LARGE and LOUD crowds at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. How they create an atmosphere unlike any other PGA Tour event and how they'll even—hang onto your hats, folks—BOO players for hitting bad shots. But they really do get into the action. Even when it has nothing to do with golf.

Take this video that just surfaced on Golf Twitter that contains a group of fans waiting for Jon Rahm outside a row of porta-potties during Saturday's third round. Of course, Saturday is the day when it gets really WILD at TPC Scottsdale, although there was a STREAKER appearance on Friday.

Anyway, a random fan emerges from one of the stalls to boos, which causes a policeman, who apparently has followed the PGA Tour star to protect him from these heathens, to say, "There's something wrong with all of you." We agree, officer, but it's still amusing as Rahm then comes out to cheers as if he's just won the Masters. Have a look:

A porta-potty scene from the Waste Management Phoenix Open? That has to be one of the most on-brand golf videos ever.

In any event, Rahm made it out of that chaotic scene OK, and the Phoenix fans solidified their status as being extra crazy. See everyone again in 12 months.