Watch a Jeopardy! contestant completely shank this golf clue

March 06, 2023

The three contestants on Thursday's episode of "Jeopardy!" continued a proud legacy of the gameshow's participants lacking sports knowledge. We only wish Alex Trebek could have been there to see it—and mock them.

Instead, Mayim Bialik treated the trio with kindness after they went a combined 0-for-5 in the category of "In the Sport." And they weren't even close. Needless to say, it was a tough watch—although, admittedly, the clue about polo was difficult—but we'll focus on the golf clue: “best ball, casual water, closed faced, and shank."

Casual water is a bit of a curveball there, but for $400, this is pretty easy. And yet, the contestants, well, shanked it. Caleb was the only person brave enough to buzz in and he guessed "What is water polo?" before being shot down and mouthing "OK." The other two passed before Bialik revealed, "That's golf" with a smile. Have a look at how the entire category played out (the golf part is at the 43-second mark):

Again, tough scene. Although at least Caleb, who wound up winning, made fun of the situation. After getting the golf clue wrong, he said, "Let's finish out 'In the Sport.' I want to get rid of it." And after the final—and even easier—clue about baseball went unanswered, he added, "The Internet's going to love that."

That's for sure, Caleb. We'll give you credit for a bounceback birdie.