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Phil Mickelson mocks himself after being part of brutal Jeopardy! finish

September 26, 2020

Phil Mickelson figured prominently into Friday's episode of Jeopardy!—just not quite as prominently as he would have liked.

The five-time major champ was the answer (or, question, if we're being technical) to Final Jeopardy. But sadly for Lefty, none of the three contestants could come up with the correct response to this clue: "On Forbes' 2020 list of the 100 highest-paid athletes, at age 50 this active individual sportsman is the oldest." Check it out:

You hate to see it—especially Julissa getting the "Phil" part right, but blanking on his last name. And then Alex Trebek pointing out she would have won if she didn't blank on his last name. Pretty sure she realizes that!

And then there was Sameer writing "Mr. Magoo" and winning because he didn't wager anything. Mr. Magoo! Hey, at least he knows his limitations when it comes to questions involving sports.

Anyway, here was Mr. Magoo's Mickelson's reaction:

Poor Phil. The guy is still licking his wounds from Winged Foot and now he has to deal with this indignity? Ouch.

On the bright side for Phil, Jeopardy! contestants have a rough history when it comes to answering sports trivia. Oh, and he's still making bank at age 50. So, yeah, he'll be OK.