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Uber Eats delivery guy delivers meal in the middle of a college basketball game (literally)

It began with a tweet from reporter Abby Schnable, a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette who covers college sports. Schnable was in attendance for Wednesday night's Duquesne vs. Loyola-Chicago game, and she sent out this message early in the second half:

Ummm, excuse me? On the actual court the game was being played on? There's simply no way, and if this was true, it had to be a staged prank of some sort, just like literally everything else is these days. 

Video emerged soon after, and, staged or not, it's absolutely hilarious (Uber Eats guy checks in around the 49-second mark):

Obviously, people had some questions. How did this guy get in? Where was security? You might think Loyola-Chicago vs. Duquesne is a low-level affair, but it's still a Division I college basketball game that requires some sort of police presence. You're telling me this guy just got past all of that and was allowed to literally saunter onto the court?

Something wasn't adding up here, even after Schnable reported that the food was actually for someone - a guy on the video board at the scorer's table who was clearly hungry:

And yet, it still wasn't making sense. If the Uber Eats guy did make it all the way through, why couldn't he have just gone behind the scorer's table and found the guy? There's plenty of room to do that, especially in arenas at these smaller schools. To walk on the court in the middle of play is not only stupid, it's downright fishy. 

Turns out, everyone's spidey senses should have been tingling. Turns out, the whole thing does, in fact, appear to be staged. Shoutout to the watchful eye of Austin Hansen, who works for Loyola-Chicago and happened to be filming the scene close by. He debunked all this nonsense late Wednesday evening:

Amen to that last tweet. Turns out, this seemingly naturally funny situation is just going to become a painfully unfunny/cringeworthy YouTube "prank" video. And you wonder why people on the internet think everything is a conspiracy nowadays.

P.S. Security just let the kid go back into the stands? Have we really reached the point where saying it's "just a prank!" gets you off scot-free now? Wading into seriously dangerous waters on that one.