Prayers for Duval

Trevor Lawrence got his ankle folded in half on Monday Night Football and everybody made the same golf joke

December 05, 2023

On Monday night, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ season seemingly went up in smoke when quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s got folded like an origami swan not once, but twice on the same play, leaving the star third-year quarterback pounding the Duval turf in agony.

With C.J. Beathard filling in for Lawrence, who limped off unable to put any weight on his right leg, the Jaguars went on to lose 34-31 in overtime, falling from the top overall seed in the AFC to the fourth with a single swing of Bengals kicker Evan McPherson’s leg. And yet, despite all the chaos, implications and armchair diagnoses, football fans couldn’t help themselves from cracking the same dark joke, which, like all things in Jacksonville, just so happened to include golf. Check it out.

Honestly, it’s a good point. What the heck is going on here? Lawrence is the future of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. Without him, they’re back to being the plain old Jacksonville Jaguars and, well, that’s not a good place to be. So why didn’t the Jaguars bring out the cart for Lawrence? Optics? Morale? Maybe they loaned their fleet out to TPC Sawgrass for the holiday rush? Another Twitter jokester had an interesting theory.

The loss dropped to Jaguars to 8-4 but the Internet remains undefeated.