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Good news! The golf bar that offered free beer until Iowa scored in the Big Ten Championship Game didn’t go bankrupt

December 04, 2023

Icon Sportswire

On Saturday night in Indianapolis, Michigan blanked the Iowa 26 to nada, claiming their third straight Big Ten title. This was obviously big news for the undefeated Wolverines, who punched their top-seeded ticket to College Football Playoff in the process, but also X-Golf Cedar Rapids, a location of the popular golf simulator/bar chain that offered up a bold promotion ahead of Saturday's game.

It doesn’t take a UI economics major to see the problem here. The Hawkeyes' infamously inedpt offense didn’t muster a single measly field goal on Saturday, meaning that for over three hours on a weekend night, beers were on the house. That’s pretty much unheard of, even in Iowa.

Obviously it was a tough night for Hawkeyes fans, but Sunday did bring slightly better news: The playcalling of Brian Ferentz somehow did not plunge X-Golf Cedar Rapids into BANKRUPTCYYYY [Michael Scott voice].

You love to see it. Available simulator bays aren’t exactly plentiful in Iowa this time of year, and bars that give away free suds are even tougher to come by, so we’re glad to hear X-Golf will live to swing another day. Maybe next time they run a promotion like this, however, they’ll know better than test that vaunted Michigan D.