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Trent Dilfer kicks off Super Bowl week with the most sizzling hot take in NFL history

February 06, 2023

It’s Super Bowl week. This is it. The homestretch. The checkered flag. On Sunday, it all comes down to the no. 1 seed Chiefs vs. the no. 1 seed Eagles in what is potentially the greatest Super Bowl matchup ever. All eyes will be on the two MVP-caliber signal callers throughout the week, but the hot-hot-hottest name on Monday wasn’t “Mahomes” or “Hurts,” it was “Dilfer.” Just as predicted.

Classic Dilf. It’s the biggest week of the year, and the Super Bowl XXXV champ is stealing the spotlight with his magnetic presence and uncanny ability to say precisely the most ridiculous thing at precisely the most ridiculous moment. In this case, that was Sunday night’s premiere of ‘Bullies of Baltimore,’ a new ESPN 30 For 30 chronicling the 2000 Baltimore Ravens, one of the most feared (and controversial) NFL teams of all time. In handing the credit to his defense, Dilfer snuck a little piece of the headline pie for himself, calling recently retired Tom Brady and possibly retired Aaron Rodgers quote unquote “not impressive.”

Even if you put aside the fact Dilfer is widely regarded as the least “impressive” starting quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, this statement is deranged. Tom Brady won seven Super Bowls. Aaron Rodgers is top-five in career passing touchdowns. Even if defensive backs are no longer allowed to “reroute” receivers at the line, both Brady and Rodgers dominated the era in which they played like few other quarterbacks before them. Then there’s the timing of all this. Dilfer waited not only for the biggest football week of the year, but for both guys to hit the golf course before unloading the take cannon. If the Lex Luthor domepiece didn’t already make it clear, the guy is pure evil genius.

But anyway, that’s enough Dilf for now. Like we said, it’s Super Bowl week. We have more important stuff to focus on ... like Michelob Ultra commercials and Philadelphia’s ongoing effort to idiot-proof their bus stops.