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Masters 2023: Watch Tom Kim devour a pile of Augusta National concessions, make classic rookie mistake

Lovable teddy bear/phenom Tom Kim is one of the most exciting Masters debutants in years. Like any newcomer, however, the two-time PGA Tour winner has a lot to learn about the eccentricities of Augusta National. While the undulating greens and off-camber lies will demand much of his attention, on Wednesday he began his crash course at one of ANGCs less-threatening landmarks:

The concession stand.

That’s quite the spread. For those of you keeping score at home, Kim walked away with the recently-revived Georgia peach ice cream sandwich (don’t call it a comeback!), a white chocolate Georgia pecan cookie, the egg salad and, of course, the granddaddy of them all, the pimento cheese sando, all for just over $12 bucks. He did make one rookie mistake though: He tried to pay cash (the Masters is a cashless event) and had to be bailed out by a friendly security guard.

But hey, your first Masters is a learning experience. You gotta learn the ropes before you’re comfortable inside them. This is all part of the process. Just go easy on those sweets, TK. We wouldn’t want you splitting your pants … again.