The Miracles of Landscaping

This old photo of Rae’s Creek before Augusta National existed shows how much things have changed

Believe it or not, there was once a time in human history when Augusta National Golf Club did not exist—when Butler Cabin was nothing but a couple of saplings, when the pine straw was free to blow where it may, when Rae’s Creek looked like this …

Incredible. It’s tough to believe that the same pool of water that has gobbled up dreams April after April for nearly 90 years was once nothing more than a picnic spot for locals. Needless to say, Rae’s Creek sees a lot more than lemonade and liverwurst these days. It’s also enjoyed a considerable makeover over the years as well, with a backsplash of blooming azaleas now belying its grander appetites.


Patrick Smith

The photo is not dated, but clearly predates 1931, when Bobby Jones is said to have first visited the site. Who knows how Rae’s Creek will look come 2031, but that’s the funny thing about time. No matter how far away something may seem in the moment, you never have to wait long to find out.