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This "Roundball Rock" trick shot is the peak of quarantine creativity

May 06, 2020

It's a simple fact that some people have adapted to quarantine life better than others. In pro golf alone, we've witnessed players improve at hobbies from baking to playing the guitar, but we've also seen the destruction of property and the worst haircut ever. It's also a simple fact that some people were better prepared for an extended period of time inside. And a TikTok star (apparently, that's a real thing) fits that bill.

Introducing Samuel Grubbs, who has gained fame by making videos that go viral. His best work to date was coming up with the "J.R. Smith Challenge." In case you don't remember that gem, here it is:

But young Samuel may have topped that one by putting his lockdown time to use by achieving peak quarantine creativity with this perfectly timed trick shot to John Tesh's iconic "Roundball Rock," AKA the legendary NBA on NBC theme song. Watch—and more importantly, listen:

Who thinks of such a thing? Absolutely brilliant. Both "Roundball Rock"—which is only rivaled by Yanni's "In Celebration of Man" when it comes to theme songs—and the trick shot itself.

And as you can see, it didn't come easy for the young man, who says he needed 1,569(!) tries to nail it. But nail it, he did. Way to stick with it. Who says Millennials/Gen Zers don't have great work ethic?