Distract yourself with the best quarantine-themed golf trick shots we've seen (so far)

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the coronavirus and its resultant quarantine, is the brand new subset of societal cliques it has given rise to. You have the Toilet Paper Hoarders and the Purell Chuggers, the Jets and Sharks of our pandemic dystopia. You have the Netflix Bingers and the Puzzle Puzzlers, the Sheeple and Conspiracy Theorists, who, to be fair, are the same idiots they've always been. But perhaps most curious is the rise of the Nouveau Trick Shot Artiste, who has used the extra time, indoor confines, and a treasure trove of COVID-19-related themes to launch an entirely new genre of internet distraction: Quarantine Trick Shots. From TP wizardry to cerveza hi-jinx, here are some of our favorite trick shots so far...

We hope that was last year's Madden . . .

Hand sanitizing >>>> ball washing.

Pajamas, TP, and an empty Corona bottle. This one has it all.

Don't tell your mother . . .

Two cream, one ping pong ball.

Mike Trout's house is nicer than yours.

Did Steph call bank?

The Rube Goldberg Dream Machine

You can have any brew you like, as long as it's a Corona.

You can have any brew you like, as long as it's a Corona part deux.

That said, some of us are still Modelo guys.