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The "JR Smith Challenge" is here and it is spectacular

June 02, 2018

As awful as the internet is 24/7/365, its great moments certainly outweigh the bad. The aftermath of the J.R. Smith saga on Twitter alone provided enough content to LOL, LMAO and ROFL over for a lifetime. But it's this video, which came a full 24 hours after J.R.'s nightmare, that's the crown jewel.

We present to you the #JRSmithChallenge from @SamuelGrubbs1, who deserves at an Oscar nomination for this masterpiece:

Outstanding, and incredibly dangerous, work. Where is this occurring where they are just running on a highway and through traffic? Shades of Forrest Gump as one Twitter user beat us to pointing out:

Poor J.R. Hopefully he lays off the Hen before Game 2.