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The Washington Nationals partied harder than Ovechkin at Sunday's Capitals game

November 04, 2019

Make no mistake. What the Washington Capitals did in 2018 after winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history is the stuff of legend. They partied into a night that became a week that became a month that became a summer. Alexander Ovechkin was inducted into the drinking Hall of Fame. Everyone miraculously survived. It was great. We aren't taking anything away from the Capitals' actual greatest achievement. We want to make that clear. But as arbiters of unbiased sports journalism, we do feel compelled to float this:

The Washington Nationals—who joined the Caps on Sunday night to celebrate their very first World Series in franchise history on Sunday—might be doing it even better. Ladies and gentleman, DC goes HARDDDDDD.

You know when you start your night with an Oshie Chug, things are gonna get nuts, and nuts they definitely got. There were shirtless Zamboni booze cruises...

...topless hat trick cellies...

...definite elevator code violations...

...and even mezzanine beer bongs.

Frankly, it's nice to see two championship teams from the same city (not named Boston) come together like this, each knowing exactly the sort of elation and validation the other is feeling and/or felt. How many of the players from the Nationals know what a forecheck is? How many players from the Caps watched more than a few innings of Nats ball this year? Hell, how many fans in the house for the Caps 4-2 win over the Flames on Sunday are even Nats fans? Who knows. Who cares. Everybody speaks the language of partying, and the Nats will be doing exactly that through Thanksgiving, if not the New Year.

But let's not forget, brothers and sisters of our proud baseball nation, as we dump beer off balconies near and far, to pour a little out for Bryce Harper. It was his dream to one day give Alexander Ovechkin a drunken piggyback around the Capital One Arena, and on Sunday night, that dream died...