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Hockey Chick flashes entire Washington Capitals team mid-Stanley Cup lap

We talk a lot of the Hockey Guy™ on here—a rare breed of sports maniac who values teeth like tic-tacs, says "aboot" even though he grew up on Long Island, and hasn't asked a barber to "touch the back" since 1991. Less publicized, however, is the Hockey Chick™, who, in addition to honeymooning in Edmonton and kicking the ass of the Hockey Guy™ mansplaining forechecking to her at the bar, is also totally comfortable pressing her, uhh, cups against the glass when the Caps, after decades of ulcer-inducing heartbreak, finally win the Cup. If that sounds oddly specific, that's because it actually happened:


The lions share of the credit for this iconic hockey moment goes to this courageous woman, who put her job/love life/future children's elementary school torment on the line all in the name of Lord Stanley, but a quick shout to the Caps players as well, who matched the old boobs-on-the-glasss trick with some classic finger guns. Hockey Guys™ and Hockey Chicks™ working together in perfect harmony. There may be hope for humanity after all...