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Six-year-old golfer makes hole-in-one to start tournament, has the most chill reaction ever

February 21, 2023

George Gankas has coached some of the best golfers on the planet, but he also works with an up-and-coming prodigy. Let's just say golf fans might be hearing the name Zizi Townsend more in the future.

We were first introduced to this six-year-old last summer in this video Gankas shared of his student chipping in over and over (and over) again on a practice green:

But apparently Zizi has no problem holing out on real golf courses either. And from much longer distances.

Check it out as she's captured making a hole-in-one on the first hole of a tournament—and also check out what might be the most chill reaction to a hole-in-one ever:

What a classy shot and an even classier hat tip. Talk about acting like you've been there before! Well played, Zizi.

Actually, the most surprising thing about this clip is that it's her first-ever ace. But we're guessing it won't be her last. It's probably a smart move to keep filming as many of her shots as possible.