Desert Dreamin'

This $3.5-million Scottsdale home with a 9-hole pitch-and-putt in the backyard is an oasis in the desert

August 18, 2023

The golf real estate market is en fuego right now. Backyard tracks are popping up everywhere, even Calgary. Wealthy Ohioans are converting their studies into Augusta National replicas. Putting greens are hitting Zillow Gone Wild. Nick Saban is now neighbors with Tiger Woods and Patrick Mahomes’ has upgraded to a private par 3. It’s crazy out there. Of all the golf-themed homes we’ve seen listed this summer, however, this Scottsdale, Arizona paradise known as “The 19th Hole” might be the most stunning. Check it out.


That’s no desert mirage, folks. It’s real as can be and is currently on the market for a cool $3.5-million. Splashing that cash will get you four beds, four baths, a master bedroom suite opening to the outdoor pool and even a basketball court. The real star of the show, though, is the immaculate 9-hole chipping course in the backyard. Featuring antimicrobial turf that’s safe for kids and pets, professional sand traps, a $20,000 clock and even an al fresco bar/firepit at the turn, the short course is one of the finest we’ve seen at any private residence, and like we already said, we’ve seen plenty.

If you’d like to know more about this desert delight—or just dream a little longer—visit Walt Danley Local Luxury for all the information.