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Reports say Russell Wilson is “losing his mind out there,” using audibles and codewords from the Seahawks that nobody knows

November 17, 2022

Say what you want about Russell Wilson. Call him corny. Call him overrated. Call him self-righteous or unfairly maligned. But here’s one thing nobody on god’s football-shaped earth can argue with:

The Denver Broncos offense STINKS.

Through nine games, they are averaging just 14.6 points a game, the lowest mark in the NFL by a full point. In almost every other metric, they rank in the league’s bottom quartile (to borrow a phrase from Mr. Jim Irsay). Unlike fellow bottom feeders like Carolina, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta, however, the Broncos are paying Wilson nearly $245 million to NOT suck. It’s unacceptable.

Most of the blame has fallen on first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett, who has looked like a deer in the headlights of a cement mixer barreling down I-95 at times this season. But recent comments by Pete Carroll about Wilson’s refusal to wear a wristband in Seattle have raised questions about whether or not the offense we’re seeing is really Hackett’s. Now 92.5 Altitude Sports Radio in Denver has echoed those concerns in a new report that suggests Wilson is not just freelancing, but “losing his mind out there.” Have a listen.

According to some unnamed sources within the Broncos organization, Wilson is calling audibles that don’t exist within the Denver offense using codewords from his time in Seattle. That sounds bad because it is bad,. and yet Wilson still refuses to wear a wristband despite clearly sturggling to grasp a new offense. That offense might be a bad offense! It’s highly possible that Nathaniel Hackett doesn’t know what he’s doing, but we’ll never know if Wilson—the second-highest-paid QB in the entire league—is doing Michael Scott improv comedy out there.

Needless to say, the chorus is growing. It’s time to put the wristband on. If not, well, let's just say that although Hackett might be the first coach Wilson runs out of town, he won’t be the last.