Rory's face when asked if he and Patrick Reed might 'mend bridges' is absolutely perfect. No notes.

If you thought the Brooks-Bryson saga was the most overblown saga in the history of golf sagas, Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed's #TeeGate would like a word.

It all started with a vage report that stated Reed had apparently thrown a tee in McIlroy's direction, possibly in disgust, after McIlroy had failed to acknowledge Reed's presence on the range at the Hero Dubai Desert Classic. Reed shook hands with McIlroy's caddie, Harry Diamond, and wished him a Happy New Year. When he attempted to do the same to McIlroy, who was squatted down and looking at the ground as he prepared to practice, McIlroy didn't appear to offer a glance. That's when Reed committed a more DISGUSTING ACT than Randy Moss' fake moon job at Lambeau by tossing a tee at the Northern Irishman. Video later emerged and it's just as "wait, that's it?" as you'd expect

McIlroy neglecting the former Masters champ made more sense when he revealed that, on Christmas Eve, he received a subpoena from an attorney who is representing Reed in a handful of anti-defamation suits. That subpeona given to McIlroy, however, was for a separate case not involving Reed that alleges that McIlroy, Davis Love III and Tiger Woods are co-conspirators in the PGA Tour’s antitrust scheme to destroy the LIV Golf League. Needless to say, McIlroy's interrupted holiday was clearly still at the front of his mind on the range. 

Naturally, this was the key topic of discussion during McIlroy's press conference in Dubai, where he was asked by one rambling reporter if he could see himself ever "mending bridges" with Reed. McIlroy's facial expression in response was absolutely perfect:

Didn't even dignify it with an actual response. And we know Rory likes to give thoughtful, an often lenghty, responses to every question. For him to straight up refuse is truly something. 

The only thing better than McIlroy's facial expression? The transcript of said facial expression. This person deserves a raise:

Again, perfect. No notes.