Tattle Tale

Even the ref had to laugh at Robin Lopez ratting out his brother for flopping

December 22, 2022

NBA big man Robin Lopez was born one minute behind his twin and fellow big man Brook Lopez. Even if it was only by 60 seconds, that makes Robin the little brother (well, considering he's 7 feet tall, the "younger" brother), and little brothers have to do whatever they can do to get ahead in the world, including tattle-tale-ing.

That's exactly what happened on Wednesday night when Robin and Brook met for the 28th time in their careers, and Robin just so happened to be mic'd up. The results, obviously, were gold, none more golden than the moment Robin tattled on Brook for flopping to the ref, who couldn't help but burst out laughing at that big goofy voice:

I can't be the only one who went to check if Brook was in the latest version of "West Side Story," right? Figured it was something we all just completely missed. Apparently, he was not, but that would have been awesome, no?

We have to assume Robin is referring to some long-ago performance in a high school or college play, though it's on Robin's wikipedia page that he was the one who participated in theater productions at Stanford, not Brook. Either way, we'd imagine these two had some serious stage presence.

Some more highlights of Robin chirping away:

Two things: "MALICIOUS! MALICIOUS!" was excellent. Also, please watch to the very end to hear his pronunciation of Hoboken, N.J., where Robin thinks the NBA Replay Center is (it's in Secaucus).