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Phil Mickelson, confirmed NOT a joggers guy

Credit where credit is due, Phil Mickelson has never claimed to be a "fashion" guy. Attempts have certainly been made, like with his Mizzen+Main long sleeve button down or with his paper clip in his hat at the Open Championship or his God-awful mock turtleneck era. But no one has ever mistaken Mickelson's scripting for say, Justin Thomas' scripting.

Lefty admitted as much in a tweet on Saturday, a tweet that indicated he was firmly locked in to final-round coverage of the Farmers Insurance Open, a tournament the native San Diegan was once a staple in before jumping to LIV. Like everyone watching, one of the first things Mickelson noticed was the leader, Sam Ryder, wearing an aggressive pair of joggers, the official pant of pissing off old heads every Saturday and Sunday afternoon:

The difference between Mickelson and other 50-somethings, though, is that he knows how to operate a smartphone and he went ahead and fired off a #take instead of simply yelling at a cloud: 

Showing ankle? What's next? Playing in the nude? WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE!?!?!?!?

Another joggerhead, Erik van Rooyen, chimed in with a little shot at Mickelson, which Mickelson took quite well:

What does this all prove? A. Phil seems a little bored on the couch, and B. Golfers are the last people on earth who should be getting into fashion debates.