124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Competitive Co-Workers

Patrick Mahomes and new teammate Kyle Long are already battling to determine top golf guy on the Chiefs

Last year, three-time Pro Bowl guard Kyle Long announced his sudden retirement from the NFL at the age of 31. Long’s announcement was surprising, although not altogether shocking, and he quickly settled into his golden years, spending last summer working on his short game barefoot in Montana.

That is the look of a man content with his life decisions, but the siren song of football is nothing if not intoxicating, and in March, with the prospect of another football-less fall looming, Long bit the bullet and re-enlisted with the Kansas City Chiefs. Little did he know, the move would bring him face to face with the greatest golf challenge of his life:

Patrick Mahomes.

Sh*t just got real, people. When Patrick Mahomes is calling you out, you know your work is cut out for you, especially considering Mahomes recently installed a clutch practice complex in his backyard, logged some actual tournament experience at the American Century Championship, and was recently spotted kicking it around Augusta National with Kelce & co.

Needless to say, the battle for Top Golf Dawg in Kansas City has only just begun, but from the looks of things, Long is ready for the fight.