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Kyle Long seen working on his short game in Montana, has taken to retirement like a fish to water

Back in January, Chicago Bears guard and Howie Long progeny Kyle Long made waves when he announced his sudden retirement from the NFL at the age of 31. Hampered by injuries, Long had played just 29 games over the course of the past four seasons, culminating in Week 5 of 2019, when the Chicago Bears put Long on IR despite him playing every snap the previous Sunday. Scheduled to make $9.6 million in 2020, Long was shown the door by the Bears and he had little choice but to walk through it.

Now, according to reports and Long himself, he’s considering unretiring from his forced retirement to make one last go at the NFL. On Monday, he took to Twitter to open up about his conflicted feelings on returning to the NFL, acrimonious end with the Bears, and a time table for his decision, but while that got all the headlines, it’s what he posted a few hours later that was perhaps more telling.

Socks. Sweatpants. Short game. Montana. This guy is acing Introduction to Retirement. Why he would want to give this up for two-a-days, assholes coaches, and a body that is 70% bruise from September through December is beyond us. And perhaps it’s beyond Long at this point as well. While the football world has focused on Long’s flirtation with a return, they’re burying the lede: While football is great and all, Long would actually rather be playing golf.


Amen to that.