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A defensive back named Moh Bility (yes, really) just committed to Rice

December 01, 2021

We’ve seen some great college football names come and go over the years. Steele Fortress, De’Coldest Crawford, Buck Coors. All legends in their own right, but nothing lasts forever and all kingdoms are meant to be toppled. Enter the latest (and arguably greatest) college football name in college football name history:

Mohammed Bility, AKA Moh Bility. It’s simply too good to be true. It’s an And1 streetball nickname straight out of 2002. It’s a substitute teacher’s worst roll-call nightmare. It would have been rejected by the East-West Bowl writer's room for being too on the nose and yet, somehow, it’s 100% the genuine article. The lord indeed works in mysterious ways.

Rice are a perennial Conference USA bottom feeder, which is a nice way of saying they’re hot garbage. But Moh Bility, who boasts a rangy 6’ 2” frame to go with his 3.8 GPA, might just put the program on the map. Next year he’ll line up beside Gabe Taylor—the younger brother of the late Sean Taylor—who showed flashes of his big bro’s genius throughout his freshman campaign.

With Moh Bility and Taylor leading the defensive back end, the sky might really be the limit for the Owls.