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This Austin Peay defensive back's name is Bond, James Bond (and his jersey number is perfect)

On Saturday, Austin Peay will kick off its season on the road against Georgia, you know, the team that was a few plays away from winning a national title a season ago. While Austin Peay improved by eight victories last year, they aren't expected to compete with the Bulldogs, ranked No. 3 in the country and poised for another College Football Playoff run. It's going to be so lopsided that there isn't even a point spread for the game.

But Governors fans can take solace in the fact that while they will most definitely not win the actual game, they have already won the name game thanks to on of the team's sophomore defensive backs. Meet Bond, James Bond, who is, of course, No. 7:

No surprise that he's a defensive back, a position that requires a certain level of subterfuge to deceive the quarterback. And yes, that sentence was really just an excuse to use the word subterfuge.

We'd love to exaggerate and say James Bond is already the captain of the college football all-name team, but he has some stiff competition in that department as we learned earlier this week in Steele Fortress. Between Fortress, Velvet Milkman, Island Green and now James Bond, it has been a hell of a summer for people with incredible names.