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Minor-league hockey player drills three ridiculous trick shots...from the stands

December 12, 2017

We here in the "golf space" see A LOT of trick shots on a daily basis. Bowling alley shots. Bikini shots. Shots where the guy his holding a damn baby. Trick shots to fill buckets and flood trick shot reservoirs. Trick shots to make your eyes bleed and that already forgotten eclipse look like the flash of dying light bulb. Yet, in this roiling sea of trick shot, trick shot, trick shot, there is still one proven way to get our attention: Put a hockey stick in your hand, hike your ass to the concourse, and start dumping some pucks in. Just ask Fayetteville Marksmen winger John Schiavo. He's the dude we're writing about after all:

Shedding his skates, Schivao hits these ridiculous long-range snipes from sections 216 and 109, as well as the Crown Complex's bougie local-arena suite level, putting on a clinic in power, precision, and patience, in accordance with the Three Pillars of Trick Shot that we literally just drafted on the spot. And while we can't vouch for Schiavo's skill on the ice (sorry, the SPHL is not part of our weekly sports diet), we would love to see him nail a few of these between intermissions at the next Hurricanes game while a mascot skids around the ice on an ATV playing goalie. If he can pull that off, screw it. Buy him a ticket and get him on a plane to Pyeongchang.