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Burton’s NASA-inspired Winter Olympics snowboard uniforms are out of this world

November 16, 2017

We hate to break it to you, folks, but winter is almost upon us and, with it, the 2018 Winter Olympics. So far, the hype for the Far Superior Olympics (don’t @ me) has been pretty muted—hell, NHL players won’t even be there—but Burton is hoping to change that with the unveiling of their incredible new men’s and women’s snowboarding uniforms, inspired by the US space program. Check them out:


It’s fitting that the American athletes most likely to violate gravity in Pyeongchang this winter will be doing so while dressed up as astronauts, but you don’t have to be a quad-corking Olympic shredder to get in on the action. If you’re feeling the vintage space-race looks (unveiling these for Sochi would have been slightly more authentic, but we digress), Burton already has a full line of NASA-inspired gear just waiting for your next paycheck.

The best part of this new sky-scraping line, however, is something you won’t see on the surface: Sewn into the liner of each jacket are Korean translations for “Wish me luck!” and “Do you speak English?”...just in case you get mistaken for an Olympic athlete this winter and need to tell somebody that there's no way in hell you're dropping into this 18-foot wall of ice or something.