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You have to see this bowling alley trick shot to believe it (And you still might not believe it)

March 29, 2017

If this is real, then it's one of the craziest trick shots we've ever seen. Introducing Minju Kim, an LPGA-certified pro, who can also routinely record strikes in bowling. By using her driver.

Kim recently shared this video of her knocking down pins by teeing up a golf ball -- and we can't stop watching it. See for yourself:

Here is Kim's original post, which includes her checking her driver for a scuff mark after the first attempt, and then teeing it up again and pulling off the trick for a second time:

The back-to-back shots and the crowd's reaction certainly make this seem authentic, but really? Is this even physically possible?

We want to believe it is, but at the very least, Kim has created a potential new sport. Although, we don't recommend you try out gowling until you get permission from your local bowling alley.