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Mike Trout posts 184-mph ball speed in jeans and Jordans, might be the best athlete on the planet right now

January 24, 2023

We’ve been blessed to witness countless Mike Trout tanks over the years. The Angels’ third-baseman—widely regarded as the best pure baseball player of his generation—has mashed 350 home runs in his big-league career, not to mention the various tomahawk missiles he’s launched from Topgolfs all across Southern California.

Of all the nukes Trout has sent into orbit, however, few have been as impressive as the one he posted to his Instagram on Monday, a 184-mph, Bryson-inspired bomb that may still be circling the planet as we speak. Strap in and try not to blink. You might miss it.

It’s pretty wild to watch a baseball player eclipse tour-pro launch speeds by double digits and carry it 284 yards, but that’s the athletic stratosphere Trout is operating in. Oh, and did we mention he did this in sneakers and skinny jeans? The man might legitimately be an alien. We doubt the MLB will follow in the NFL’s footsteps and stage a long-drive contest at the All-Star Game this summer, but if they do, we're betting the house on 27.