Sign the Dotted Line

Michael Block hits ANOTHER ace during 100 Hole Hike at The Hay, clearly inked a deal with the devil

November 14, 2023

Michael Block’s 2023 defies belief. He entered the year a nobody—a ho-hum PGA Professional at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club—and leaves it a golf legend. It all began with his Cinderella T15, including an unforgettable final-round ace, at the PGA Championship back in May. Since then, Block has racked up sponsorship exemptions and viral highlights. He’s hung out with DJ Khaled in Miami and Max Verstappen in Qatar. He won the Southern California PGA division and even shared some of his magic pixie dust with Jack Nicklaus. Surely that's enough for one year, right?


This week, while hiking 100 holes at The Hay to raise money for underprivileged children who want to pick up the game of golf (what a guy, sheesh), Block did the unthinkable, draining yet ANOTHER ace. This really is as good as it gets, folks.

At this point we have to start seriously considering the possibility Block inked a deal with the devil back in January. Don’t believe in ol’ Lucifer? Well, how else do you explain the trail of scorched par 3s he’s left in his wake this year? The man is positively en fuego, and where there’s smoke, there’s hellfire.

Block chalked the ace up to the random variances of universe, saying it’s “better to be lucky than good” on Instagram after his latest 15 seconds of fame, but perhaps there’s something more supernatural afoot …