A Star is Born

PGA Championship 2023: This unearthed commercial for Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club confirms Michael Block has always been a star

Michael Block has taken the PGA Championship by storm. 72 hours ago he was the definition of a JAG (Just A Guy). Now he’s an American golf hero, rubbing elbows with Rory McIlroy while getting standing ovations at the final round of a major championship. “Whirlwind” doesn’t begin to describe it. It has been a tornado for Block, and yet he hasn’t allowed himself to get swept up in the chaos.

Where did this incredible poise come from? How has the un-media-trained club pro managed to say all the right things time after time? Well, if this unearthed Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club commercial is any indication, it’s because, deep down, Block has always been a star.

Thank whoever or whatever you pray to for the Internet. 12 years ago, this video—which finds Block doing everything from smoking tee shots on the range to interrupting a wedding ceremony—would have been lost to the sands of time. Now it’s timeless (that shirt … not so much).

Where Block’s journey takes him from here is anybody’s guess, but it’s good to know that when he does finally return home, he’ll have a frosty mug of beer waiting for him at the clubhouse bar.