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PGA Championship 2023: Michael Block's legend grows as he hits local bar scene ahead of the biggest round of his life

May 21, 2023

Brooks Koepka may hold the 54-hole lead at the 2023 PGA Championship, but the undisputed star of the week at Oak Hill has been Michael Block. The 46-year-old club pro has done it all from on-course interviews to emotional press conferences to even overcoming an embarrassing shank. Oh, yeah, he also has a chance to win a freaking major championship on Sunday.

But before the biggest round of his life, Block's legend grew even more on Saturday night when he was spotted out at the local bar scene.

A man of the people, indeed. You absolutely love to see it.

As some pointed out, Block looks like he came right from the course. He swapped his rain pullover for a different quarter-zip, but you can still see his black striped polo underneath as well as that RAW hat (TaylorMade is getting its money's worth this week!). And yes, he's still got his player's credential hanging around his neck. Classic.

Hey, it's the first time he's ever played the weekend at a major so we'll cut him some slack. Plus, us golf media slobs do that all the time.

And if you're saying What is he doing out at a bar ahead of the final round?! then please relax. The dude's gotta eat (and drink) somewhere. And the tweet was posted at 9:59 pm so it's not like he was out raging all night.

At least, we're pretty sure he wasn't because Block has a pretty big day, um, on tap. And everyone besides Brooks and the other leaders will be rooting for him to pull off a sporting miracle. We can only imagine the celebration in Rochester if he does.