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PGA Championship 2023: This tour pro's epic club throw perfectly sums up how miserable the conditions were on Saturday

May 20, 2023

Golf fans haven't even had to watch this week to understand how difficult Oak Hill has been playing during the 2023 PGA Championship. Just listening to the world's best players being picked up by the (hot) mics on the course has been all you need. We've heard more F-bombs dropped than during an Andrew Dice Clay show, and seemingly from just about everyone in the field. But one player got particularly frustrated on Saturday.

The third round included some nasty weather in the Rochester area to add another layer of difficulty to this major championship battle. Apparel companies might be glad to get to show off their latest raingear, but other than that, those out there playing looked pretty darn miserable. That certainly included Taylor Moore.

The recent PGA Tour winner struggled to a 78 to tumble near the bottom of those who made the cut. And unfortunately, his most-watched highlight will be this epic club toss:

Yep, it's been that kind of a day. And actually, it looks like that might have been a double club toss because the cameras catch Moore picked up his driver from the ground and then tomahawking it into the rough. Incredibly, the club didn't break. Perhaps more incredibly, Moore's caddie went over and fetched it for him.

Anyway, again, we get it, at least to a point. It's a brutal course and it's a brutal weather day. But if you're out there playing in the tournament, just be aware we can all see—and hear—you out there.