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PGA Championship 2023: The scene at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club when Michael Block hit his ace looks like the party of the century

Earlier this year, former NFL running back Arian Foster went on his Macrodosing podcast with Barstool Sports personality PFT Commenter and said that he believed the NFL was scripted. Anyone able pick up sarcasm in the human voice or remotely familiar with PFT’s schtick could immediately tell that Foster was joking, but a shocking number of sports fans took his comments seriously. They either believed Foster believed what he was saying or, in some extreme cases, they simply believed what Foster was saying.

How is this possible, you might wonder? How might an ordinary, rational human being be convinced that the NFL—a nearly $150-billion-dollar business—is just an elaborate stage play a la the WWE? Well, because of guys like Michael Block and moments like the one we saw at the PGA Championship on Sunday.

Even if you were in the gallery on the 15th hole at Oak Hill Country Club at the exact moment the 46-year-old PGA pro dunked one of the most unlikely aces in golf history on Sunday, it still would have been tough to believe. Such is the improvisational power of sports. Literally anything can happen, and every now and then, it actually does. And when that unthinkable hypothetical becomes unbelievable reality, well, you have no choice but to lose your ever-loving mind. Just ask the good folks at Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club, Block’s home course, if you don’t believe us.

That was the scene in the clubhouse seconds after Block’s epic hole-in-one. There’s laughing, there’s crying, there’s screaming. There’s hands on knees and heads in hands. Somebody probably puked. The moment was enough to put tears in the eyes and goosebumps on the arms of unaffiliated bystanders. For the people who know Block personally, it was wonderfully, gloriously traumatic—a borderline out-of-body experience.

Best of all, Block managed to hold on, saving par on the 18th hole to clinch an automatic berth at next year’s PGA Championship. We’ll see you at Valhalla, Mike. We can’t wait to see what sort of script they're cooking up for that one.