Guys Being Dudes

PGA Championship 2023: This Brooks Koepka-Michael Block exchange is the good stuff

There's a case to be made that nobody in the 2023 PGA Championship field had a better week than club pro Michael Block, whose Cinderella story took another insane turn on Sunday afternoon when he dunked one for an ace at the 15th hole. Ultimately, though, the week still belongs to Brooks Koepka, who claimed his fifth major championship with a final-round 67 at Oak Hill.

Let's just say Brooks and Block both won the week. Fair? Fair. Koepka cemented his place as an all-time great in the sport, and Block cemented his place as an all-time PGA Championship legend, a legend he'll get to add to next year at Valhalla thanks to his top-15 finish, earning him an exemption into the 2024 PGA. Everybody wins.

The Brooks-Block duo celebrated their respective wins together as Koepka made his way off of the 72nd green, producing another unbelievably cool moment for Block in a week full of them. As Block went in to congratulate Koepka on the victory, Koepka could be heard saying "I hear you're buying drinks," referring to the tradition of a golfer making a hole-in-one and buying drinks for everybody:

Seriously, can it get any better for Block? The heater of all heaters. Three straight 70s, a Sunday pairing with Rory McIlroy, a top-15 finish to get into the PGA again next year and a bro-down with Brooksy right after he picked up another Wanamaker? What's better than this? Guys being dudes.

The one way this week could could better for Block is if he and Koepka do share a brewski at some point tonight. Judging by the fact he was hanging at a local bar on Saturday night, we know Block is already getting after it. Hopefully, once Koepka goes through the post-major-victory-media ringer, he can join late and play catch-up.