Worlds Colliding

Jack Nicklaus makes winning putt at celebrity golf event using Michael Block's putter, because of course

November 03, 2023

There are some golf fans out there who are tired of all the Michael Block coverage, but to them we say, pipe down. Because awesome things keep happening to him. And we're not going to stop writing about them.

Seriously, what a freaking year it's been for America's favorite club pro. From that storybook Sunday at the PGA Championship to rubbing elbows with DJ Khaled to having Golf Twitter (unfairly) turn on him to setting a new course record at Valhalla to winning his section's player of the year (again) to making a ninth(!) albatross. It's been a real whirlwind!

And now the Blockie magic has rubbed off on the GOAT himself, Jack Nicklaus. The two were involved in some sort of celebrity event on Thursday night at the World Wide Technology Championship (That's right, Michael Block is playing in another PGA Tour event and another celebrity event. Ho-hum.) and the 18-time major champ drained the winning putt. No surprise there, except he did it using Block's flatstick. Here was Block's post about it after:

Seriously, pinch yourself, Michael. This is getting out of control. And here's video of Nicklaus making the winning putt:

Great reaction by Block, and how about J.R. Smith getting involved by asking Jack if he ever gets tired of winning? "No," Nicklaus responds, before adding, "Hell no." Boom.

What a scene. Just a bunch of legends out there. Keep riding this amazing wave as long as you can, Michael.