Oops He Did It Again

YouTuber makes his second (!) hole-in-one on a par 4, delivers reaction for the ages

November 03, 2023

Most people are lucky to make a plain old hole-in-one. Some are luckier still, they make two. The blessed few hit one of those on a par 4. Then there’s Matt Scharff.

On Thursday the golf YouTuber went deservedly viral when he hit his SECOND hole-in-one on par 4, getting an incredible kick n’ roll on a 350-yard ace heard around the world. Watch it and weep.

We are speechless. We are without speech. Brittany, honey, take it away.

Anyway, this is beyond incredible and the reaction is worthy of the shot, with Scharff running around like a kid on Christmas morning screaming “WHAT DO I DO? WHAT DO I DO?” Honestly, we don’t know. Making two par-4 aces in one lifetime is uncharted territory.

We don’t know what sort of deal Scharff cut with the man upstairs (or perhaps downstairs) but clearly it was worth it. If you want more backstory on the incredible feat, you can check out the full behind-the-scenes video on Scharff’s YouTube page.