Viral Videos

Watch a golfer make the shot of his life to win $250,000(!)

October 30, 2023

After what seems like a year-long rash of golf course fight recordings, it appears the golf world has moved onto a new genre of viral videos: Prize shots. Not that we're complaining.

These videos are awesome because you don't even need a golfer to pull off the shot for them to be great. In fact, some of the best videos come from golfers not pulling off the shot. Like the guy who had a brutal lipout for 10K or the guy who rattled one off the flagstick for $1 million. Yeah, that one hurts to watch.

But we're happy to bring you a more uplifting one on a Monday morning to get your week started. We don't know the details, but apparently, 12 golfers got a crack at holing a shot from 140 yards for $250,000. (Yep, that's for $250K, you might want to hold on to that one.) And one of them did this:

Amazing. Talk about being clutch. And having perfect timing.

So to the mystery man, congrats. Although, you can say goodbye to your amateur status now.