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Watch a golfer get absolutely robbed of $1 million(!) prize in brutal fashion

October 23, 2023

Through the years we have featured countless stories about amazing hole-in-one feats and awesome prizes. Well, this is NOT one of those stories.

We're sorry for a bit of negativity on a Monday morning, but an old video that's making the rounds now is just too good to share. It involves a man named William Yaegers attempting a $1 million approach shot (apparently, they went with a long approach on 18 instead of a par 3 so more people could watch). And getting absolutely robbed of those riches in brutally painful fashion. Have a look:

"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" one witness perfectly exclaims. Because that has to be one of the most painful results in golf history. Just a big ol' pile of ouch right there.

After combing through the comments, here's what we know:

1. This took place in 2017 or 2018 on the 18th hole of the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Sarasota.

2. There was actually a check for $1 million on hand.

3. Despite his somewhat unorthodox swing, Yaegers is a plus-handicap.

4. People are mean when it comes to commenting on golfers' outfits.

5. It doesn't get any less painful the more times you watch it.

"Still hurts," Yaegers says in the comments. "Not gonna lie."

We can only imagine. As one guy in the comments who says he once missed out on a $40K car by a couple inches adds, "You'd rather miss the green." Amen to that.

UPDATE: Yeagers contacted us to let us know it was a 7-iron from 167 and that he "didn't realize how close it was until the head pro came up to me looking like he saw a ghost and told me not to watch the video." Tough. The golf gods definitely owe this guy one.