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Esports legend Nadeshot aces hole-in-one challenge in record time

October 25, 2023

OK so there aren't any official records for fastest ace achieved in a hole-in-one challenge, but this has to be up there. Especially considering an eSports legend pulled it off and not a tour pro.

Congratulations are in order for Matthew Haag, who is better known as Nadeshot. A gaming legend who made his name playing Call of Duty professionally. Admittedly, we were not familiar with his work, but we're guessing avid COD fan Tiger Woods is. Woods would also be impressed with Nadeshot's perfect golf shot on Wednesday.

The CEO of 100 Thieves, a lifestyle brand and gaming organization, Nadeshot set up an official hole-in-one challenge. In a video leading up to the event, he said he was motivated to do it by the recurring social media post that asks if people would risk going to jail in order to have a certain number of attempts to make an ace for a lot of money. Although it's unclear if Nadeshot won anything, he certainly doesn't have to worry about serving any jail time after taking little time—just over an hour and 79 attempts from 135 yards—to sink one. Have a look:

As you can see, he initially had no clue the ball went in. But once he got confirmation, he sprinted toward the green:

That's not even a large bucket at the driving range. Pretty impressive for a 7-handicapper. We've seen big-name tour pros try—and fail—all day in the DP World Tour's ongoing "Chase the Ace" series.

Anyway, congrats to Nadeshot. Both on the hole-in-one and for remaining a free man.